Heres to Love!

I had a groom this year create the slideshow that he and his bride were going to show before dinner. I have seen A LOT of slideshows and this one BLEW me away!! He started the slideshow with a video montage of love movies and not only did it get everyones attention but it was just the perfect tie in for their love story. I had him send me the beginning of the slideshow and I wanted to share it with you. I still get goosebumps when I watch it. I just love... LOVE!!!!

My Favorite Things.. Part 6

The Relationships in my Life

I say the relationships and not the people in my life because I feel that it is the relationships that make a difference. When I got into this business I never dreamt of the friends that I would make with not only my clients, but with my vendors. I have learned that this business is all about relationships ....gaining trust, sharing love and creating memories with the lovely couples who hire us and the vendors who trust us. I am surrounded with love in my life and I know that is the reason why I have been able to be sucessful.

I value my friendships that I have. These are the friends who have seen my journey through the years and have been there to cheer me on the whole time
I value my friendships with my couples. This friendship is so relavant this time of year when I open Christmas cards from former brides and grooms and I am able to see where their life has taken them long after the wedding.
I value my relationship with my husband. He has taught me what it is like to have love it my life, encouraged me to chase my dreams and had faith in me.....even when I did not.
I value all of my “team” - There is no “I” in team, and Lasting Impressions would not be possible without my whole team

My favorite things for those relationships in your life:

  1. Story of a Lifetime- Journaling is a great way to reflect on your life and your friendships and this book will become a keepsake to treasure for years!

  2. 100 good wishes candle set - Send a loved one something that they can look at everyday and make a wish!

  3. My favorite way to celebrate my relationships is by spending time together. I would much rather go on a trip with my girlfriends, or go out to dinner with my husband than spending a lot of money on gifts. I feel that time is invaluable and making memories is so important. If you are looking for fun “adventure” gifts check out Cloud 9 Living, a website that features unique experiences you can give!

My Favorite Things..Part 5

The Water...

Some of first and favorite memories of growing up were of swimming. I love to swim... in lakes, pools, bath tubs... anything!!! Countless hours were spent at the local pool in the summer and when I turned 16 there was no question on what I wanted to do... Be a Lifeguard! My favorite places in the country all have one thing in common, they are near bodies of water. We were married in Okoboji, Iowa, my favorite lake while I was growing up, We now live close to Lake Minnetonka and spend countless hours trolling around in the sun and my favorite type of vacations are on large boats while cruising in the Carribean. I feel like there is something very calming about water and I feel very lucky to live in a state with more than 10,000 lakes! My favorite weddings are also near the water. We are lucky enough to help couples plan their dream weddings in backyards and we have planned numerous weddings on Prior Lake and weddings on South Center Lake, Lake Minnetonka and even Lake Superior!

My favorite things for the water are


  1. A well-broken in Adirondack Chair to sit by the water and relax

  2. I love my Havaiana’s flip flops. I spent the last 27 years of my life not knowing about these and then last year I bought a pair on a whim. TRUE BLISS occurred and I will never go back. Great for brides and bridesmaids sore feet as well!

  3. My third favorite thing I love for the water is... a creative and fun bride and groom!! My couple wake boarded for their first dance 2 years ago!

My Favorite Things.. Part 4

Wedding Books and Magazines
Stacks of Wedding Magazines were always my guilty pleasure, until I became a wedding planner... now this is just another part of my wonderful job!! I love looking through all of the new books and magazine’s to think of new ideas and look at all of the trends. I am an avid “buyer” of most of these books as well. My bookshelves are full of books that I have read 2-3 times and some that are just waiting for my “off-season reading!!”.

Here are my favorites:

  1. Southern Weddings Magazine is now on its third edition and this magazine is JAM PACKED with a lot of fun information, vendors and ideas. This is not distributed in MN, so you do have to go online to buy your copy.
  2. Weddings by Tara Guerard is a beautifully written photo book showcasing a few of Tara Guerard’s southern weddings. Photos are by our own (She lives and in MN) Liz Banfield. I feel that there is something so classy and timeless about a southern wedding. Every time I open that book I am fueled with ambition!
  3. When I see the new Minnesota Bride on the newsstands, I am like a kid on Christmas Morning!! I barely get out of the store before I start to thumb through the glossy pages. A must read for all new brides!
  4. Wedding Chic is a wonderful book written by the fabulous Colin Cowie. The book is a great mix of ideas, photos and resources.
Top Image Credit:

My Favorite Things.. Part 3

My computer, Iphone and Ipad...
Yes I will admit it, I Love technology and specifically my Apple Products. I feel in love about 5 years ago and do not think there is any turning back now! I love how they all perfectly sync together perfectly, I love how they all serve their seperate functions and make my job as a wedding planner so much easier. I am excited to implement my ipad more! I have had it for a while, but now I have all of my photos on it and am learning new tricks! I do not think that you need many accesorries for these technology wonders, but here are a few of my favorites...
AvQL2.jpg Q74MW.jpg

  1. I love my pink Speck Laptop cover... Not only for the color, but because it prevents cracks and scratches as I throw it in my purse.

  2. I think an arm band for your iphone is key if you are using it while walking or working out. I love to just put on my tunes and get a good sweat!

  3. I love this Speck Ipad Cover, I do not have this... Yet, but I love the stylish look!

  4. I recently bought Things for my Mac and my iphone and it has created a whole new level of organization for myself.

My Favorite Things.. Part 2

My Favorite Things Part 2...Entertaining
I love entertaining and hosting parties. I find pleasure in planning the little details, preparing the food and just having a great time with my friends and family. I feel that entertaining is a great way to bring people together and celebrate. Life should be a celebration
My Favorite Things for Entertaining
hMjTB.jpg o5DW4.jpg

  1. Riedel Vinum Glasses- I love Wine and I love a good glass. Riedel glasses are my favorite glasses and now they have an affordable line that everyone can afford.
  2. Skinny Girl Margaritas- Created by Bethany Frankel of the “Real Housewives of New York” this margarita is not only tasty but great on your waist line!
  3. Good Food is essential to any party! And more than anything.. I love small bites of food. One of my favorites to make are “pigs in a blanket” You can also buy these in the frozen food section of your grocery store or on
  4. Table Topics- These fun conversation starters come in numerous different types of topics from Dinner Party to Girls Night Out. A truly fabulous dinner party is a combination of great food and great conversation.
Top Image Credit: heavenlybloomsflorist,com

My Favorite Things

I love the holidays and I wanted to start a series of posts called “My Favorite Things” to let you know a little bit about me and to show you some fun gift ideas along the way (and I like the title because it reminds me of Oprah!) So tag along for the next 7 days and hopefully you will learn a little bit about me and find some great last minute gift’s!!

My first favorite thing (and these are in no particular order.. I do not want to offend my dog) is my precious pooch Tiki! The Lasting Impressions family this year has all become dog lovers. Andrea adopted her wonderful Stella and Brooke adopted Drama this past fall! I grew up not being an animal lover. I lived on a farm and had a lot of stray cats and a few dogs, but none that I could not live without. All of that changed when Andy and I added Tiki into our lives 2 weeks after we were married. We found a great breeder and went and picked her out and the rest is history. It feels funny to be “one of those people” who is very attached to their dog.. but I am!


My favorite Things for Tiki:
gYroi.jpg bSkQx.jpg
  1. I never see things for Tiki and think.. I have to get that.. until I saw this “Holiday Meal” from Target. Unfortuantely it was sold out right away, but I think this is one of the cutest toys I have ever seen!
  2. Her “Aberdoggie and Fetch” Sweatshirt. As much as I could have seen myself being one of those dog owners who dresses their dogs.. I am not. My husband would not allow it and quite frankly I like to save my money for my own clothes. But last winter we realized that she was getting very cold in our house and outside in the snow, so we ran up to Lulu and Luigi and bought her this warm sweatshirt and now she runs to me when I want to put it on her. She loves it!
  3. INTERACTIVE RIPPYS - This is what Tiki is getting this year for Christmas (Dont tell her!). These dog toys have detachable arms and legs for them to get “pulled apart”.
  4. Dog Life Jacket in Pink Polka Dot - This again is something that my husband, family and firends laughed at. But there has been more than one occasion where Tiki has decided to go overboard in a boat or pool and this makes me feel a lot more secure in her floating abilities!
Thank you Kelly Brown Weddings for the family portrait

Ceiling Decor and Lighting Options

I have had the pleasure of working with Avant Decor numerous times. Elizabeth and Melissa are a wonderful dynamic duo that provide and set up ceiling decor, that includes draping, paper lanterns and much more. If you are looking for something unique for your reception do not feel like you are limited to just the traditional ceiling draping, here are a few other options that Avant Decor Provides.


Contact Information: Avant Decor: 952-239-0480 -

Kimberly and Greg- September 11th

Kimberly and Greg were married on September 11th and I had such a pleasure working with them on their fun, pink wedding . Kimberly called me in April and told me all about her and Greg and how they were just getting started in the planning. I knew right away when I met them that they would be a wonderful couple to be able to assist. Kimberly was very organized and energetic and her and Greg had a love that I think is captured in these wonderful photos. They choose Five Event Center for their reception and incorporated many “fun details”. They had chocolate Chip cookies for the dessert in lieu of cake and had guests sign a map of the Hawaiian Islands (where they went on their honeymoon) instead of the traditional guest book. The warm sunlight in these photos makes me long for summer right now! Thank you Kimberly and Greg for letting us share a part of your planning process and big day!

Wedding Coordination:: Lasting Impressions Weddings
Ceremony Venue:: Pax Christi Church
Caterer:: Prom Catering
Reception Venue:: Five Event Center
Transportation:: Eclipse Transportation and First Student
Floral:: Violets Flowers
Rental Items:: Apres Party
Band:: Sucker Punched
Shelley Paulson Photography
Videography:: Bliss Wedding Video


Fun for Date Nights, Rehearsal Dinners or a Unique Wedding Venue

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing “Pinstripes” for myself. I have recommended this new location to a few of my brides for their rehearsal dinners and it did not disappoint. This fun new concept blends great dining with a bowling alley, bocce ball and an event space on the 2nd floor with its own private bowling alley and bocce courts. The ambiance was warm and inviting and the bowling alley was sophisticated and had an overall VIP feel. I met with Amy, the event manager, a few months ago she had given me drawings and showed me photos of what the other locations looked like, but this surpassed my expectations.

The event space can host weddings or groups up to 250 guests. Its a large space that has wonderful wooden chairs and the decor can be transformed to fit your style. Their is a deck that wraps around the building and overlooks Centennial Lakes. I think this could be a perfect location for your “fun” rehearsal dinner that pairs dinner with a great activity for your guests. Pinstripes is located next to the Container Store in Edina and is very centrally located for your guests!!

I am looking forward to summer when I can take a stroll on the deck and sit by the fire pits with a glass of wine, but until then you will find me beating my husband in bowling! For more information on booking your event at Pinstripes Contact Amy at : or (952)835-643
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